Project 52 – 2013: Week 17

Pills and inhaler

Fashionably late but last week’s theme was “Queasy”. I responded with a photo of the pills and inhaler which help me make it through the birch pollen season.

The Orient Express Stops in Odense

VSOE coach: Detail

The vintage Venice-Simplon Orient Express made a short call in Odense on its way back from Sweden in order to allow some InterCity trains to overtake it. Needless to say, this attracted a lot of train enthusiasts. I made some snapshots with my mobile phone.

The Orient Express arrives

The train was hauled by a Class MZ locomotive, DSB 1401. The terrible thing is that I remember the Class MZs as shiny new locomotives from my childhood.

DSB MZ 1401 hauling the Orient Express

VSOE coaches

VSOE coaches

Modern bogie on a vintage train and a vintage sign on a modern station

Project 52 – 2013: Week 14

Lille Dansestræde (Narrow)

Odense is an old town but finding a narrow street isn’t that easy. I had to make do with the curiously named Lille Dansestræde – a street with only one side 🙂