Project 52 – 2013: Week 26

Hoptimist (Zippy)

As usual, “zippy” was not the easiest of themes. Still, the little red hoptimist – a farewell gift from some of my former colleagues at UC Lillebælt – will have to embody “zippyness” with a bemused polar bear cheking out the newcomer.

Project 52 – 2013: Week 23

A networked playground (Whimsical)

You may have to strech you imagination a bit to see how this photo fits with the theme “whimsical”. It is a networked playground in Kongensgade here in Odense where children – at least in theory – are able to interact with children at similar playgrounds in Vejle and Esbjerg. Obviously, at 9 am on a Saturday nothing much was going on.