Philipp Höllermann

Open innovation – involving external stakeholders into the internal development processes (for free…) -> formats

Forum for students’ proposals – and comments by other students
Uni Bonn -> review, comments

Reward system for activities -> suggestions to implementation;

Student involvement into development processes, platforms for discussion, experiences with services and curriculum design

Question: When do students (or other stakeholders) know what they need <- Expertise vs. demand

Martin Riemer

Students’ use of LMS -> limited

App (voluntary base), courses creating virtual patients, MD theses, guide course for the practical year in medicine programme

Cases from the floor -> tasks demanding student creation (note Danish teacher education)

– platform
– resources: time and financing
– group dynamics -> in medicine very dependent on previous knowledge (groups of 6-7)

Lecturers controlling/evaluating case quality

We do use a lot of cases in modules during our BA programme: Input? Assessment? Unrelated to elearning but have we evaluated the usefulness of different cases?

Take-home consideration: Student development of projects and cases

Julian Swindell

(Point of departure is an elearning-based campus course)

Subject covered in jargon and acronyms -> students have to learn a new language.

Have students try and unravel jargon in scientific papers -> Each student has to indentify and define a number of technical expressions, tutor comments on quality of definitions

Case: Using Moodle’s glossary module (uploading and distribution reaching the group of students). Peer pressure main driver of action.

Translation into tasks for the social work programme. Platform?

Diana Andone

(Four presentations was a bit steep)