Aida Opoku-Mensah
Big data – talior-made elearning (relevant if we know our student base?)
Cloud computing (in-house, out-house services?)

Howard Rheingold
“New culture of learning”
-> institution vs learner-centrered (access, obsolete knowledge)
-> collaborative learning
-> social media

Our experience that students use forums etc outside of the formal course structure, LMS technologies used to questions rather than debate. What do we actually know about our students’ use of traditional and social web resources?

Physical environment – circle structure

Wikip/edia – learning curve for students in handling the platform? Documenting collaboration?

Self-learners vs. formal demands to professionals?

Financial constraints -> teachers are expensive, knowledge cheap

Demands on evidence in professions?

Student competences in handling web creation and publication (eg personal WordPress installations) -> as against Facebook or corporate servers


Realistic to expect that students have read the syllabus in advance?

Lisa Lewin

“Big” as buzzword?
Learning games

Policy interventions in the 20th C -> expansion of access to HE
Technology -> In effect a tool to continue to expand access? (OECD, developing world)

Quality issues -> Technology doesn’t lift learning games/outcomes (completion, employability, skills training issues)

LMS and digital resources levelling out?

Analysis/Assessment of developments at the point of learning

Innovation: Can we have a role beyond scaling?

Mark Stevenson

Interplay between technological delevopments and institutional frameworks