About me

I teach social science at the Department of Social Work and Public Administration, UCL University College, Odense. My main fields of work are research methods, social and labour market policy, social work with vulnerable groups as well as general social work and public administration. I also work with e-learning besides regular teaching.

My notes (in Danish) on Danish politics, social work, HE teaching, etc. are published on miszellen.dk.

I hold a Ph.D. in Political Science and an M.A. in Political Science and Public Administration. Previously I have held positions at the University of Copenhagen, Mid-Sweden University, Umeå University and the University of Southern Denmark.

You can find my resumé here and a list of my publications here.

About the site

I originally created the site back in 2013 to publish my entries for a Flickr group which ran a year-long project of themed postings. Since then I have kept it as an outlet to publish (very) occasional posts on e-learning and Danish politics.

For 2021 my plan is to post a collection of snapshots once a month. There will be no overarching theme, except perhaps life in Covid-19 Denmark.