Project 2021: 12/12

Twelve photos to round up my Project 2021: One photo from each month of the year. There is no special theme – just a selection of the photos I published during 2021 (or year 2 of CoVid, if you prefer).

January: Kgs. Lyngby during Covid shut-down
February: Ramsherred (Odense) in the snow
March: Spring flowers (Copenhagen)
April: Geese in Nymosen (Vangede)
May: Concert at Dexter, Odense
June: Odense as a building site
July: Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen
August: Evening at Knudshoved
September: Carl Nielsens Kvarter, Odense
October: Royal Opera House, Copenhagen
November: Copenhagen Phil at the Concert Hall of the Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen
December: Copenhagen at night viewed from the Inner Habour Bridge

Also: 2021 in photos (Flickr)

Project 2021: November

November began as a reasonably normal month. Then the infection numbers started to increase dramatically, also among the vaccinated. (Although these cases were reported to be much less concerning). We made it through the month without another round of lockdowns, however

Odense: Autumn leaves
Odense: Path
Odense: Skt. Jørgens Gade
Odense: Disinfectants. But no paper napkins
Odense: Fisketorvet
Copenhagen: Copenhagen Phil (with Katrine Gislinge and John Storgårds) at the Concert Hall of the Royal Danish Academy of Music
Odense: Cones
Odense: Overgade/Vestergade
Odense: Afternoon sky
Odense: Network gateway

Project 2021: October

Two trips to the theatre – one to Århus, another to Copenhagen. The test run of the light rail system in Odense is delayed. The coffee machine at work broke down.

Århus: The theatre
Odense: Hans Jensens Stræde
Odense: Benedikts Plads
Odense: “Light rail tests”-sign
Odense: Disaster struck – The coffee machine at the office was out of order
Odense: Reventlovsvej
Copenhagen: Ofelia Plads with a view to the Royal Opera
Odense: Niels Bohrs Allé
Odense: An American style house in Kongensgade (originally built 1906, later adapted to with a more European-style facade)

Project 2021: September

The first month of the term is always extremely busy for me. Hence the absence of interesting sights this month. The reconstruction of Odense’s town centre is slowly progressing towards its conclusion.

Odense: The new H.C. Andersen Museum
Odense: Carl Nielsens Kvarter at night
Odense: River
Odense: Overgade at night

Project 2021: August

Return from vacation. Reopenings and the like. Late summer.

Copenhagen: View from the train
Odense: Albani Breweries
Odense: Approaching thunderstorm front
Knudshoved: Ship’s bell from M/F Dronning Ingrid
Knudshoved: Great Belt Bridge at night
Odense: After the rain
Odense: Odense River
Stouby: Vejlefjord Hotel & Spa
Odense: The light rail test runs have begun

Project 2021: July

One week of work and three weeks of vacation. A dry summer month (remember summer showers?) with fewer international tourists than usual in Copenhagen.

Odense: Dansestræde
Odense: Big match on a small screen
Slagelse: Skyfall
Gladsaxe: Works
Gentofte: Geese
Gladsaxe: Summer evening
Copenhagen: Skindergade as pedestrian/cyclist street
Copenhagen: National Art Gallery / Statens Museum for Kunst
Copenhagen: Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek
Copenhagen: Ofelia Plads with the Royal Opera to the right
Kgs Lyngby: Rain

Project 2021: June

The brightest month with the longest days. And, unfortunately, always one of the busiest months in the year.

Odense: Cat on my lawn
Odense: Nørregade
Odense: Flakhaven – waiting in line for a corona test
Odense: Fisketorvet
Odense: Billedskærervej – Waiting for another test
Odense – Post-exams, post-test coffee
Odense: Chamber music in the large concert hall
Odense: Post-its
Odense: Life-size Scrabble

Project 2021: May

A cold and windy May and what felt like a very delayed spring, while concert venues, theatres and the like began to reopen. Still: The fair nights of the Northern summer are here.

Gladsaxe: Cherry tree
Kgs. Lyngby: Mural
Odense: The symphony orchestra’s first public concerto since November
Odense: On rails
Odense: Online/Offline teaching
Odense: Albani Torv
Odense: Vestergade at night
Gladsaxe: Bagsværd Sø
Copenhagen: DSB EB 3203
Odense: Intermission at Dexter Jazzhouse

Project 2021: April

From 18 degrees to snow and almost freezing temperatures in a couple of days: April is as unpredictable as always. Still, the unusually long alder pollen season slid seamlessly into the birch pollen season. The reopening of Danish society after three months of Covid-19 shut-down is just as slow and tentative as the arrival of spring.

Vangede: Nymosen – Geese
Buddinge: Club 222 (after-school club for children)
Odense: Pandamic
Odense: Stålstræde
Saturday: The door to my home office
Odense: On campus for the first time since January
Odense: Former building of the School of Social Work
Gladsaxe: The tulip that got away

Project 2021: March

Most shops reopened at the beginning of March after two and a half months of near-total lockdown. Following a burst of winter in February, spring is coming. Vaccines are delayed.

Odense Å at dusk
Odense: Odeons Kvarter at night
Odense: Keep right-sign
Odense: Østre Stationsvej. Catenary works for the light rail line are under way
Gladsaxe: Høje Gladsaxe Park
Gladsaxe: Vandledningsstien. Reservoir
Odense: Torvegade
Gladsaxe: Little signs of spring